Authorized Distributor of Eco Systems Fuel Enhancer
The Eco Systems Fuel Enhancer has been commercially available on the US market
for over 9 years and is now available in Canada.

Proven reductions in fuel consumption and emissions


Municipal - City & County Governments      (Click here for Law Enforcement)

Fuel Savings. Emissions Reductions. Reduced Maintenance

Lots of Vehicles, from small watercraft to the largest engines, City and County motor pool mechanics have been using the ECO Fuel Systems technology to reduce their fuel costs, reduce emissions, and improve performance.

It's a bottom line decision, and it's been made over and over again by seasoned mechanics who have seen everything under the sun.

Return on investment for a big engine can be measured in hours, and reductions in emissions can be measured in tons.

A few County clients:

  • Calhoun County, Texas
  • Duval County, Texas
  • El Paso County, Texas
  • Goliad County, Texas
  • Jim Wells County, Texas
  • Kleberg County, Texas
  • San Patricio County, Texas
  • Victoria County, Texas
  • Wilson County, Texas
  • Zavala County, Texas






Big Engines

Gravel trucks, tractors, garbage trucks, even large generators are using the ECO-4 or ECO-5 fuel saving attachment.

County and City mechanics have seen consistent performance improvements and fuel reductions. Even more important in some regions are emissions reductions.

ECO Fuel Systems has participated in several clean air studies, and supports clean air initiatives.


If you'd like to speak to any of our customers about their experience with the ECO fuel saving device, we would be happy to put you in touch.

Product Testing Report (pdf)

El Paso County Road & Bridge Department

Tested on 5 vehicles:

1994 Chevrolet C-1500 Flatbed pick-up

1999 Chevrolet C-3500 Field Service vehicle

2000 Freightliner FL-60-Field Mechanic vehicle

2004 Sterling Truck/Tractor

2005 Komatsu Loader

Emissions Reduction Study

NOx Reductions

Victoria Independent School District

International Diesel School Bus

Typical Installations


ECO #2 on a Crown Vic
San Patricio County

ECO #4 on Waste Hauler
City of Victoria

ECO #4 on Bucket Truck
with 3/8 Compression Fittings

ECO-5 Caterpillar
Road Grader