Authorized Distributor of Eco Systems Fuel Enhancer
The Eco Systems Fuel Enhancer has been commercially available on the US market
for over 9 years and is now available in Canada.

Proven reductions in fuel consumption and emissions


Trucking: Fleets and Owner/Operators

It's hard to appreciate the dollars saved when a truck is saving from 6% to 15% on fuel, but any of our Owner/Operators can tell you down to the mile what their savings are.

For fleet customers, it's on the balance sheet, and is a big number.

If you would like to speak to any of our customers about their experience with the ECO System Fuel Enhancer, fuel saving device, we would be happy to put you in touch.

USI Transporation
Test Results
ECO #4 on a 2007 Peterbilt
Caterpiller Engine

Trucking Fleets:

B6 Enterprises - Long Haul Trucking, El Paso, Texas

On 17 August 2007, B6 Enterprises agreed to have installed an ECO-Systems Fuel Vapor Enhancer on B6 Enterprises' truck 024.

Our intention was to validate ECO-Systems' claim of a 10% fuel savings.

At the time of installation, truck number 024 was consistently delivering 6.47 miles per gallon. Over the course of our test, lasting 30 days, we saw an improvement of 11.6%, increasing our mileage to 7.22 miles per gallon.

Based on this successful test we have installed ECO-Systems on the entirety of our fleet. At this rate of return it will take less than one month to recoup the cost of the ECO-Systems. As a matter of fact by the time our test had ended we had already saved enough fuel to pay for the ECO-System we tested on 024.

Every day we waited to finish the testing cost B6 Enterprises money in saved fuel costs. In such an incredibly competitive industry where savings are so hard to come by we would have done better to install the ECO-Systems fleet wide at the beginning of the test and simply relied on ECO-Systems' money back guarantee to protect our investment.

My hesitation was based on the countless products that make the same claims ECO-Systems did. I have since recommended the technology to my friends, other trucking company owners, and I have allowed ECO-Systems to use my name and endorsement in their marketing efforts.

Dan Gotaas, President

Premier Distributing Company, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"We were skeptical at first! We installed the Eco System on a variety of vehicles and in every instance not only did it save fuel and increase performance, it also significantly reduced smoke!"

Scott Long

TruckNation Transport, Houston, Texas

TruckNation Transport has equipped it's entire fleet with Eco Systems Fuel Enhancers. They are reporting an increased mileage of 3/4 to 1.2 miles per gallon.

Circle Bar A Trucking, Leming, Texas

Circle Bar A Trucking has installed the ECO's on their entire fleet of trucks. They have Cats, Cummins and Internationals and have reported increased mpg and less downshifting on hills.

John Yow Construction, Florresville, Texas

John Yow Construction has equipped it's fleet of trucks (Cats, Cummins and Internationals) with the Eco Systems Fuel Enhancer and reports their return on investment is 30 to 40 days per truck.

Dorado Transportation, Corpus Christi, Texas

Dorado Transportation has tested the ECO #5 on their Cummins engines and reports they are very impressed with their mpg increases.

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