Authorized Distributor of Eco Systems Fuel Enhancer
The Eco Systems Fuel Enhancer has been commercially available on the US market
for over 9 years and is now available in Canada.

Proven reductions in fuel consumption and emissions


What is the Eco Systems Fuel Enhancer?

The ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer, installs between the fuel source and the engine.

It functions to break the carbon chains of the fuel molecules so that the resulting shorter carbon molecules have a higher vapor pressure and burn more efficiently in the engine.

A more complete burn means:

  • engines run smoother and at cooler thermal temperature, saving wear and tear on the engine
  • less fuel is needed to create the same performance, resulting in fuel savings ($$$$)
  • less carbon and contaminants going into the oil, reducing frequency of oil changes
  • reduced build up in injectors, EGR valves and O2 sensors, resulting in longer engine life
  • reduced DPF regeneneration frequency, less re-gens on engines with particulate traps
  • lower harmful emissions emitted from the exhaust system

The Eco Systems Fuel Enhancer:

  • no maintenance is required and there are no consumables.
  • works with gasoline, diesel, propane, biofuels, ethanol blends and natural gas powered engines.
  • on average giving a 10% savings in fuel consumption, with ranges from 3.5% to well into 30%.
  • the expected working life of the Eco Systems Fuel Enhancer is 40 years.
  • each unit comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s limited warranty against any defects
  • is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee of the purchase price.


Powder coated steel, from 5.25 to 6.25 inches long, and from 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter. Patented internal components made primarily of copper. Tested to 10,000 psi.

Eco Systems Fuel Enhancer Models

ECO-2 for 5 Liter engine, or less
Small trucks, most passenger vehicles, ATV, motorcycles, generators, and most engines under 5 liters. Installation kits are available for most applications.

ECO-4 for 5+ Liter engine, up to 500 hp
Full size pickup trucks, school buses, long haul trucks, heavy diesel engines, and off-road equipment. The Chevy Duramax, Ford 6.4 Liter require ECO-4 due to fuel line size. Installation kits are available for most applications.

ECO-5 for 500+ hp engine
Heavy equipment, including large generators, and earthmoving equiment. Installation kits are available for most applications.


Installation should be done by a qualified technician familiar with fuel lines and fuel line repairs. The ECO Fuel Systems Fuel Enhancer goes in-line between your fuel line and your engine. Most installs can use one of our kits, and your mechanic can usually install it in a few minutes.

Click here for installation examples.. Use the fittings in our installation kits to save time and money.

Patent N0.: US 7,942,135 B1

Clark Daywalt, patent holder and manufacturer.

The Eco Systems Fuel Enhancer has been commercially available on the US market for over 9 years.


Operating Principles
Eco Systems Fuel Enhancer (pdf)

Technical review by Richard Carlson

(Mr. Carlson has 25+ years of experience performing and managing emission and performance tests
at independent vehicle and engine testing laboratories in Southern California for government and corporate clients.)

Eco-2 Vapor Pressure Enhancer Study (pdf)

Prepared by Wallace Environmental Testing Laboratories, Inc.

"The effect of adding the Eco-2 Vapor Pressure Enhancer was found in all instances to reduce most regulated emissions...

Technical Evaluation of the Chemical/Physical Changes (pdf)

by Dale Teeters, PhD. University of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Technical Evaluation of the Vapor Pressure Changes (pdf)

Vapor Pressure Analysis
by Mr. Kent Johnson, B.S. Petroleum Engineering